What We Do

What are the tasks of the Health Independence Alliance?

The work of this organization involves three different aspects:

1. Rejuvenating the Culture of Medicine

This would be the primary focus, one that involves multiple activities such as:

A. Conferences involving different streams of medicine

B. Discussion groups on medical topics

C. Collaboration and research

D. Dissemination of the results to the public

2. Separation from the State

Medical professionals from the organization would contribute their opinions as an independent voice to the officials in the government, and would strive for greater freedom to practice medicine by obtaining exemptions through law.

3. Separation from Industrial profit

The organization shall pursue methods of fundraising, not only for its own activities but also for its members, in a way that removes the ability of financial special interests to direct the organization.  This aims to serve as an alternative to both the current insurance system as well as the older out-of-pocket methods.