COVID Vaccination Victims – Utah

Please download and share the above Report containing information on COVID-19 vaccine miscarriages, deaths, and injuries in the State of Utah.

Utah Senate Bill 2004 – Allowance of legal exemptions to COVID-19 vaccinations in the workplace

Official Bill Language

Information Flyer – How to claim a legal exemption

Utah’s Genetic Testing Privacy Act – Rights of employees in regards to medical testing procedures

Official Bill Language

Information Flyer – Rights of employees – Medical Testing Procedures

Notice of Medical Fraud in the State of Utah

Please download, print, and hand out (or download and email) to all business owners, heads of businesses (CEOs, etc.), and others within the private sector in the State of Utah.

Verification: No FDA-approved COVID-19 Vaccination Currently Available

Can be saved/downloaded, printed, and used by employees (State of Utah) when arguing against mandatory company/employer vaccination mandates.

300 Peer-Reviewed Research Articles pertaining to SARS-CoV-2 vaccine injuries in clinical trials

To be shared with those who insist that the Covid-19 vaccinations pose little to no risk to those to whom they are administered

COVID-19 Vaccine & Gene Therapy Injury Reporting Form

For those who have suffered adverse reactions as a direct result of the administration of some form of the COVID-19 vaccine and/or gene therapy injections *Note: Form may be completed on behalf of a person who has suffered an injury, or by the injured person him/herself.